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Sunday, 21 April 2013

Revised Facebook Logo Made official

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Facebook is rolling out it's latest changes to it very quickly. Facebook has recently announced, Facebook Home earlier this month, is now available on the Google Play store in India. Facebook Home currently works on the HTC One X, HTC One X+, Samsung Galaxy SIII, Galaxy Note II. This app will be available for more android devices in the coming months.

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With, announcement of this app, Facebook also revealed New Official Logo to it's Icons few days back. Facebook has rolled out a new  logo and refreshed design for all other icons for the first time in years. The new change in the Facebook logo's no longer includes the faint blue line at the bottom of it's "F"icon. The letter also pulled closer to the edge of the box.
This new logo was first spotted on the information page of Facebook Home. The "F"logo hasn't been updated to all  pages just yet, including the Brand Permission Page. This logo has been added as the picture to Facebook's Twitter account.

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Other official pages have been received logo refreshes to all the icons. starting from the Security badge to the Privacy icon.The other pages officially updated logos for the first time i n years.

What do you think of this new logos updated by Facebook .? I would love to know your response on this logo changes done by Facebook for the first time. Let us know by your comments below.

Source : Tom Waddington

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