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Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Giveaway #2 : Win 4 Free Hosting Packages for 1 Year from WebHostingBuzz

It's giveaway time!! I'm very much happy to announce our  2nd Giveaway on TipsNTricksBlog. This time we've teamed up with WebHostingBuzz to offer some great prizes to our readers. Here our valuable readers are lucky to have opportunity to win 4 x 1 Year free Hosting packages from WebHostingBuzz.

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Friday, 26 July 2013

Giveaway #1: 3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse 2013

Hello Friends,

It's time to start our First Giveaway on TipsNTricksblog. Theme fuse is offering us 3 Standard licenses of their WordPress themes to our readers.
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3 Premium WordPress Themes from ThemeFuse

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Sunday, 23 June 2013

How to use Google Person Finder and Google Crisis Map


Google Person Finder and Google Crisis Map

As we all know Google is the company which handles Search Engine, AdSense, Adwords and many more. Google not only takes part in the technology entities but also with the real world.

A good example will be the floods which took place in uttarakhand,India.

These two are the ongoing project of google organisation in India. But sadly this is not a casual projects they handle in their routine. The google team has been doing a great amount of hard work with technology by helping out the people in uttarakhand via “Google person finder”. This is a project which gives the information about the people who were seen safe and alive. Also presenting the details of the person’s address and photo so that the result of search is accurate.

People where stranded in many places without shelter, food and water and by that many died of hunger and health problems.
This ‘Google person finder’ has helped hundreds of people reach to their home safely. Not only this there is another project for the japan frequent disasters but as of now it is in testing mode.

How does the ‘ Google person finder ’ work ?

This is a very good project took up by the google team. They are continuing their work in helping the people who are present at affected areas and collecting the information of the people who are present at that place.
This information is added to the database of Google person finder project which helps the people know their relative status who are missed in the uttarakhand incident. Almost 150+ people have been helped by this project.

Note- Image Courtesy : Google

How to use Google person finder :

Step 1 :

         Go to the website of Google person finder


Step 2 :

Select this link Uttarakhand 2013

After selecting the relevant link on the website and try entering your relative name in the search bar provided.

For Example:

I have searched for the person named Srinivas rao immediately a search result is obtained for that name with a photo on right hand side and address details. Also stating that this person is alive and if in case this is not the person you are looking for, then you can file a record for the missing person.

For that the button is provided by the name ‘Create a new record for a missing person’ by this you can give the information of the missing one.

The google person finder has two main links in it.One says ‘I’m looking for someone’ and other says ‘I have information about someone’.
You need to choose according to your situation and provide the correct information.So that the person can be helped and saved.

If you want to look for some one you need to follow the above steps or if you want to give the information then you need to follow the below instructions.
Firstly the person ‘Given name’ should be entered then the ‘Family name’ and provide some identifying marks and information about them. So that it becomes easy for the persons of the google team and also others in finding them.

Even the army of india is doing a fabulous job , till now they have saved 100’s of people in that affected places.For creating more help the google had come up with other project called “Google crisis map “.

“ What is Google Crisis Map “ :

This Google Crisis map is the map where the camp and the affected areas are shown in the map.All the camp held by the army and the stranded people are show cased neatly in these maps.
Some screen shots by which you can understand the Google crisis map

When I have searched for the place called kedarnath uttarakand which is the most affected area this was the result which shows the camps and the stranded people.

Still the search for the missing people is going on day and night in the cold temperatures by the army and also by the google team. They have saved more than 1000 people in these few days.

How to know status of the people in uttarakhand via SMS :

For Example :

If you are searching for a person named Sampath. Try sending the name of the person to the given number.

You should send a (SMS)message as shown below :

Search Sampath
To 9 77 33 00 000

By this you can be able to know the status of the person on the basis of database they maintain.

The main motto of the google project is to help the people who went missing in these disasters caused by the nature. The project main aim is to send a small message that a particular person is alive or dead or missing to the authorities present over there and also the relatives, So that the person can be helped.

This helps people’s family & relatives in clarifying their doubts about their family persons and this is successful as of now in India.

They are holding more than 5600 records in their database and updating as soon as the new entry is collected.

Hats off to the google team for showing so much humanity in this incident and helping many people.

About Author
This is Sampath I'm tech enthusiast and a internet geek. I like writing articles on technology, gaming, applications and softwares.

Catch me on TechBloggerTips

Monday, 10 June 2013

Free Download and Install WhatsApp Messenger For PC or Laptop

WhatsApp Messenger is a cross-platform mobile messaging app which allows you to exchange messages. For, this we don't need a pin to connect with other person, you only need the phone number of that person and he/she must have WhatsApp in their phone.

WhatsApp was developed by WhatsApp Inc. WhatsApp Inc was founded in 2009 by Brain Acton and Jan Koum. Whats app is an amazing application which helps users to send sms to any other mobile  device for free of cost. On an average 1 Billion messages are sent through Whats app per day.

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WhatsApp software is available for Android, BlackBerry OS, iPhone, Windows Phone and Nokia. In addition to text messages the user is allowed to send each other images, Video, and audio meida messages. A wide range of smartphone usera are using this Instant Messenger to a great extent.

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Installing WhatsApp for smartphone is very easy. But you might be wondering how to use this awesome application on your computer. So, today here in this article, I'll show you how to download whats app on your Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 or MAC OS and how to install it.

What app on PC

How to Download  and Use What app on PC and Laptop :

Step 1: Download Bluestack and choose the required Operating system which you want to use what app.

Step 2: After download Bluestacks install it in your PC or Laptop by Double clicking on it.

Step 3: After successful Installation open your Bluestack software and there you see already installed app. 

Step 4: Click on search Button on top right corner and type WhatsApp and you will be suggested with different places from where you can download WhatsApp.

Step 5: After installing the app on your pc open it you have to choose country and check the code of your country is the right one and in the following field type phone number to start Whatsapp on your PC or Laptop.

Step 7: A windows appears where it says that you need to verify your mobile number by sending sms to your number that you wrote.

Step 8: In a few minutes you'll receive a three digit verification code that you've to write in the check case.

Step 9: If you haven't received the verification code, you can use call me option. You will get a call from WhatsApp with the verification code now you put type the code they gave you on the phone in the space provided.

Step 10: Once your are done with all the above points, You are ready with WhatsApp on your PC or Laptop now, just sync your contacts and start sending them messages.

I hope everyone enjoyed reading this information. Enjoy using WhatsApp for PC or Laptop. If you find any difficulty while installing then do leave a comment. If you liked the article do share it with your friends.